Do I need a non crappy browser?

Yes, yes you do, your browser needs html5 for this site to work the way it's intended. The images for your driver can't be updated in older browser, but the rest of the site will work.


You can only be in one team. You can send requests to other teams, if you get accepted you are moved to that team. Anyone can start a team, but you can only start one.


You, or your driver can sign up to different races, soon there will be some limits, like you have to have a skillscore of 1.7 to be in this or that race...


Ah, yes, Skillscore is how good your driver is. It's calculated by what parts you have, how long you have been here, how well you placed in earlier races and facebook votes what level your team is (based on how high the skillscore of the lowest ranked player.

To update your skillscore press the "Update your Skillscore" button on your "Driver" page.. The skillscore will also automatically be updated just before the race.

How To Race

This is a live event, so you have to wait until the time for the race to get the results. During the race you can see the times as they get updated, there will be cop chases and crashes. If you get a cop on your tail you will have to get rid of it and that will probably loose you the race. If you crash you are out of the race. The better you Skillscore is, the faster you will drive, the times that it takes you to lose a cop will get shorter and you will not crash as often. During the race there might pop up red and blue lights right next to the name of the driver, that means that driver is being chased by the police. The blue number next to the lap time is the time that the driver was being chased instead of racing.

Start a race

To start a race you have to have a team with more than 5 drivers. So far, you can create a team, but not edit it, so be careful.. :)

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